Classic Eyelash Extensions Training

Marianne's Classic Eyelash Extensions Training Program was specifically designed with the student in mind. She knows what it's like to be trained in a room with 10-15 (or more) other students in the same class, with maybe only 1 or 2 instructors on site. What is usually taught in 8-9 hours with a large class can be taught in 6 hours with one-on-one training. I will take the time to go over every detail and sit with you by your side (literally) as you learn each step to applying eyelash extensions properly and safely. 


Course Description

During your course I will help you learn the techniques of applying eyelash extensions, teach you proper isolation, lash placement and correct posture. We will start with theory, what to review during consultations, station set up, contra-indications, performing patch tests and sterilization. We will go through in depth the different types of lashes, the curls available as well as the differences in diameters.

I will go through step-by-step instructions on how to prepare and protect the eyes for a new set, how to select the lash extensions size for the most effective result and the application and removal of eyelash extensions. Time will be spent practicing on a mannequin and ample time will be spent working together on a live model. At the end of the course we will review all the steps you've learned and will have time set aside for questions and answers. 

Students are required to bring one model to practice on during training.

What's Included?

A complete starter kit will be provided to you and will include: 

Student manual – written copy of everything taught during the course
4 lash trays in mixed lengths and curls
Gel Remover
2 pairs of tweezers
2 types of tape
Lash Shampoo
Gel Pads
Sample client intake form
Sample home care instruction form

You will receive a certificate of completion for Classic Eyelash Extensions at the end of the course. 

I take pride in the products that are included in my kit and they are all products I use on my own clients. A big part of wanting to start my own training program was to ensure all new lash artists start their lash journey with good quality products and not have to shell out another $300-$400 dollars on better quality items after finding out the ones included in your training program aren't the best (I'm speaking from first hand experience). The products included in your training kits are valued at over $200 and you will be able to lash approximately 40+ clients with your starter kit.


Student Training Guarantee

I will ensure that you are comfortable and confident in performing eyelash extensions. I offer ongoing support and help should you have any questions after your training is complete. 


How Much Does it Cost?

Classic Eyelash ExtensionsTraining
Course Price: $750.00
A deposit of $350.00 is required to hold your training spot 

This is a one-on-one training program (just you and me – the instructor!) 

Course Duration: 6.5-7 hours
Course Location: Toronto (Don Mills & Eglinton) 

Please contact us for the next available course dates.
Times available are selected Sundays and Mondays. 



"Professional, patient and very organized"

"I had an eyelash extension training with Marianne, she is very friendly, very professional, patient and very organized. I went to the training feeling nervous and she made me feel very comfortable. She explained everything in detail and answered all of my questions. She did everything possible to make my training as easy as she could. I'm planing on taking other trainings that she offers. Will recommend to anyone who is looking to get a quality training. Thank you Marianne."


"I will definitely be recommending this course"

"Marianne went through each step of the process slowly so that I was able to understand and explained why each step was done. At the end of the class she provided me with my own kit and supplies to get me started. Overall, my experience with Prettyful was very good. The professionalism and personable nature of the staff really made it an enjoyable and educational class. I will definitely be recommending this course to others."