Hair Artist

When Michelle was a teen, hair styling was something she did for fun. Working on family and friends when she could, a couple of her favourites included braids and curls. Little did she know, this hobby would blossom into a full blown love of the hair industry. 



Now, years later, she has progressed and achieved a certified status as a professional hair artist. With first-hand knowledge of styling various lengths and types of hair including, but not limited to, french, dutch, fishtail and cornroll braids.  Michelle has the ability to transform all her clients and giving them the best look possible. 


Michelle is a people person who enjoys working with clients and accredits them for encouraging and supporting her career as a professional hair artist.  Michelle will ALWAYS strive to make YOU look and feel PRETTYFUL on your big day!



When Michelle is not working her magic with clients, she is working as a Service Coordinator in one of Toronto’s leading law firms. In her spare time, you can find her relaxing at home with her family.